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Puppy Socialization Class

This is a wonderful and fun class that will further your puppy's socialization. Must be 12-16 weeks old to join, be current on vaccines and have had a recent fecal exam with negative results. This class is free for all in-home clients. Please call for more information!

Level 2 Group Class $175

This intermediate level class is ideal for dogs who have completed a beginning/Level 1 obedience class and/or are currently private in home clients, This class reinforces all basic obedience commands with an increased level of distraction. This is a 6-week course. This class is free to in-home clients.

AKC Canine Good Citizen $175

This is a prep class for those wanting to get a Canine Good Citizen Certificate for their dog. It is required for most organizations to consider your dog for their Therapy Dog program. It is also great for those who are just looking to take their dog to the next level as it is an obedience title with AKC. Check out website to get more information on the test items. Dogs must be social and do best if they have completed at least one formal obedience course. This is a 4-6 week course depending on class size. This class is free to clients who purchase 8 session and 12 session packages.

Level 1 Group Class $200

This beginning level class introduces all basic obedience commands including Sit, Stay, Come, Heel and Down. Ideal for puppies (16 weeks and older) and social dogs with little to no formal training. This is a 6-week course. This class is free to in-home clients.

Level 3 Group Class $175

This is an advanced level class and is the next step for those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Great for those preparing for the Canine Good Citizen class or other high-level skills. This is a 6 week course. This class is free to in-home clients.

Unlimited Group Obedience Classes $475

This package affords your dog lifetime access to all obedience classes we offer (Levelss 1-3 - excludes the AKC Canine Good Citizen Class).

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