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It's our belief that a dog that responds to your voice without repeating is a well-trained dog. Once conditioned, through repetition, routine and praise, a dog's desirable behavior and responsiveness will last a lifetime.

  • We specialize in accelerated obedience training, housebreaking, socialization, and working with dogs with anxiety and aggression.

  • We show you how to communicate effectively with your dog so they will naturally respond and you can form a mutual understanding. With clear and consistent communication as well as understanding, the principles of conditioning begin.

  • We teach you how to use verbal commands and neutral corrections to communicate with your dog.

  • We teach handling skills and obedience using a leash and collar, praise (verbal and physical) and effective body language.

We take a balanced approach to obedience training and behavior modification. Throughout the learning phase, and especially for young pups, we utilize toys, praise, petting and occasionally food. The adding of commands happens in phases and with the use of effective communication. This is called Classical Conditioning.

Motivational trainers such as us use the dogs natural instincts to learn. Repetition and consistency are key but praise is the essential motivating factor. Once your dog learns any command, the next step is to introduce distractions and corrections when necessary. This is called Operant Conditioning.

We employ the "as gentle as possible, as firm as necessary" philosophy. We respect our clients decision to use whatever collar they feel most comfortable using with the exception of shock/e-collars/static collars and choke chains - which we highly discourage - and we teach them to use them properly and gently. Our job is to teach the owner how to properly fit and use the training equipment of their choice.

We have had the good fortune of working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. We work with many rescues, shelter dogs, fearful dogs and highly reactive and aggressive dogs. We also get to work with very young pups, first-time owners as well as experienced owners all the time. This is why our methods and techniques have been so effective and why we love what we do!

Dominance/"Alpha Dog" Method trainers use intimidation or force their dogs to get what they want. These are “yank and crank” trainers who often teach owners to roll their dogs on their backs and sometimes growl at them. Some even use physical force like kneeing the dog in the chest or poking them in the ribs. They often us choke chain or shock collars as a method to force the dog to do everything. Many professional dog trainers use these methods because for them "time is money" and they can get a dog trained much quicker by forcing the dog to perform. The bottom line is with enough force a dog can be trained to do almost anything. The problem with the dominant trainer is that the dog seldom seems stable and comfortable with the handler. Dogs with sensitive temperaments can be ruined by these methods. These methods create fear and mistrust because the dog never knows when they might be punished. We do not believe you need to dominate or intimidate dogs to teach them obedience and good manners.

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Meet The Trainer

Jessica was loving and working with dogs from a very early age. She worked for several local veterinarians and the staffing industry before becoming a professional dog trainer in 2007. She was with a very successful dog training company for 10 years before striking out on her own with Finest City Dog Training.


Jessica's clients appreciate her ability to teach and convey training philosophies as well as her desire to understand their needs. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and provides obedience training, canine socialization and behavior modification services. She has been an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator since 2008 and is also an AKC Certified Temperament Test Evaluator. In addition Jessica is a long time member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).


Jessica is the proud owner of a Yorkie named Buggy and black Labs named Jag and Doozer all who assist her on her daily training appointments.

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 Jessica McCloskey 



Customer Reviews

Jessica is by far the most incredible dog trainer I've come across. She helped me train up my chihuahua and pit mix - the latter who showed a touch of aggression at one point - Jessica helped us to understand what sorts of situations can bring about difficult issues - and how best to prevent them. Now both dogs are wonderful canine citizens and now that I've used her I feel confident training my new puppy. She went above and beyond with both our in home sessions and group work. I cannot recommend Jessica and FCDT enough! If you want a better behaved dog or even if you just want to have a better relationship with your pup then do yourself a favor and call up Jessica today!

Suzanne H.

from Yelp

I first started working with Jessica two and a half years ago when my 6 month old golden retriever was having numerous issues.  I have had dogs all my life and thought I had a pretty good understanding of how they think, but I had met my match with this puppy.  Jessica stepped in and was so helpful in explaining and demonstrating her training techniques - I was blown away.  We were dealing with separation anxiety, food aggression, constant barking - the list goes on.  After the first home visit things changed dramatically for the better and I now have a happy, obedient dog that is a joy to be around.  
We had Jessica come to our home for the private sessions which were tremendously helpful and have participated in several of the group classes over the last few years.  My dog just passed his Canine Good Citizen exam and is now headed to therapy dog training.  Before Jessica entered our lives, this would never have been possible.  She knows exactly what it takes to get the best behavior out of your dog and has a world of patience.  There are no shock collars or harmful techniques, just sound and logical training methods that get results within minutes.  She explains the "why" and "how" of your dog's behavior and I have yet to come to her with a problem that she couldn't fix.  She is always available via phone or text for any and all of my training questions and goes to great length to make sure I understand the process.
Jessica is the real deal and I just want to say:  "Call her"  she will change you and your dog's life!!!!  Best money I ever spent and worth every penny!!

Chris M.

from Yelp

Jessica helped us train our two rescues Cashew & Caden, they each have their own unique challenges. Cashew was rescued from a hoarders home and was afraid of everything and Caden was rescued from the streets of Downy and was very protective and defensive. Jessica knows dogs and has ideas that work. Our dogs are now more social, friendly and enjoy going to the weekly classes and continue to learn.

Charlene B.

from Facebook

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Honored & Appreciative

Jessica has simply been wonderful in training Ginger our little precious Morkie. Ginger continues to show improvement week after week and this is really down to Jessica and her gentle, effective, comprehensive, training style. I could not praise Jessica enough and for sure would give high recommendations to other dog owners who are looking for results. Ginger is always happy to see Jessica and that in itself says a lot. It is simply a pleasure to work with Jessica and A five star rating isn't high enough for the work and results we have witnessed.

Jason W.

from Yelp

Jessica has been training my husband and I with our dogs for over 9 years. She is beyond knowledgeable, and is amazing how she can come up with easy solutions to very serious problems. She literally saved my dogs life. He was a rescue, and had zero contact with people. What she accomplished with him was nothing short of a miracle. We just got a puppy, and I signed the pup up for the program 2 days after we brought her home. Jessica's prices are very reasonable, and the open access to lifetime classes is a very good value.

Peggy K.

from Google

Jessica is the real deal! I cannot recommend her services highly enough! You can try to do everything "right" and having had dogs my whole life I thought I knew what to do but Jessica stepped in and helped me tremendously with my little miniature dachshund Merriwether. I hear people say all the time that dachshunds "can't be trained" or are difficult and I bought into that and just figured there would be things Merriwether wouldn't ever do. Insert Jessica....TOTAL game changer! Merriwether is completely kennel trained (which has been huge when she's sleeping over at a family or friend's house), doesn't flip out and bark or engage in destructive behavior when I leave (she used to before Jessica) and Jessica has been a tremendous help in correcting some "fun police" behavior Merriwether exhibits when on leash. We're now in Jessica's intermediate class and Merriwether even lays down (every time!) on command, which is highly unusual for a dachshund. I feel empowered by Jessica's training and I know it helps my relationship with Merriwether because I'm not frustrated with her and she now has a different "job" which is to listen and behave herself. It's safer for her and for me when we're out and about on leash and around other dogs. I could go on, but bottom line....Jessica is incredible. She's also fun, kind and a total expert in her field. Plus, she dog sits! Could it get any better?!

Nicole M.

from Google

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