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Housetraining Flowchart
Are you wondering "when do I cut off my puppy's water"? This is a link to a helpful chart to get you started. Call or text us to set-up a new puppy in home session and get on a dog training program customized just for you!
Housetraining-Flow-Chart.pdf (

How Sociable Is Your Dog?
Why was your dog friendlier with dogs when they were a puppy? Is your dog's behavior with other dogs normal? If you are concerned it's more, contact us for an in home assessment for dog aggression.

Risk of Raising Two Female Dogs
 Why aren't my female dogs getting along? Even if they play and snuggle some of the time, this article explains why there can be tension at the least or have fights at the worst. Dog obedience training and other strategies can be very helpful to prevent injuries or having to re-home one of them. Contact us for an in home session.
The Risks of Raising Two Female Dogs - PetHelpful